Thursday, 28 January 2010

A dark dark video for a dark dark winter

No this isn't funnybones, it's a post about a video that is the most disturbing I've seen in a while. The band are cracking. They are called Fan Death who've got a sort of sad disco sound and they're supporting Vampire Weekend next month. Protoge's of Erol Alkan and loved by super remix whizz -kid Diplo.
Listen to their song CANNIBAL and gawk at their video at their myspace below.


Monday, 18 January 2010

Flo is Number One! Her album Lungs has finally reached the top after many many weeks on the Chart, It came out in the Summer for goodness sake! She's chuffed. I love Lungs, it makes me feel fine that I'm a woodland creature at heart and would happily live in a tree house with the fairies if given the option. It truly is music for the senses and she whips you up, then sends you tumbling down with the sound of her bellowing vocals and all that drumming. A real rip-roarer if ever there was one.

Ode to the burger. I love burgers, they are my not-so-guilty pleasure. Soft, warm, luscious, full of different textures, an absolute party in my mouth. So when me and my flatmate decided (finally) to get a 'real persons' land line put in, there was nothing for it. It had to be the burger. So there you have it (as modelled by the lovely Rosa.) Serious conversations will not do on this though, so no-one is allowed to ring it with disasterous news.

I flippin' love the above place. The Commercial Tavern near Brick Lane. It's a real cave of wonder, with odd and flamboyant decor which looks like it could be the work of your Great Aunt on Acid. There's a Wild Boar's head mounted above the bar, a funny collection of plates in a clump stuck onto the wall, huuuuge beautiful windows and some rustic old cabinets. I went yesterday for wine and good conversation with Rosa, we looked out of the vast windows onto the street below and thought, these are the days.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Riddlers and Theophilus

I don't know what to say about the above picture. All I know is that on the rare occasions when I watched TV at my old child minder's house I loved The Riddlers. How freakin' funny are they?? They lived down a well...wwhhooooooo???? Resembling Prince Harry anyone?

This is Theophilus London. He's from Brooklyn and has been on tour with Jack Penate and A-Trak. I'm excited about him, I'm playing him on my show next week and he makes me wanna drop everything and hit New York. Such an achingly cool place - Theo proves it. Check him here:

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Loving Uffie

The first lady of Ed Banger and filthy cool Florida kid is back. Ever since I first heard her on that track with Justice called Tthhheeeee Pppaaaaarrrtty I've been wanting more of her twisted elf vocals and she's answered my prayers with another juicy banger in the form of MC's can Kiss.
Look at her, just look at her go!

It's an utter stonker and I'll be playing a remix of it by Zombie Disco Squad this Tuesday on my show The Get Up.
Her debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans is out very soon so keep a look out, can't freakin' wait!