Monday, 22 February 2010

Underground Rebel Bingo Club

No old people, no boring people, no office parties, no wankers....
Those are some of the rules that exist at the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. A place where the young and beautiful come together to play bingo and be wonderfully defiant.

It all began in a church hall basement. A drunken party that got out of hand and ended in secret bingo fuelled chaos. After being rumbled by the church warden they had to up sticks, so the underground operation has moved to secret hideaways all over the place.

This month it was held at Scala in Kings Cross. A bit of a dive if I'm honest, but it successfully housed the teaming masses for this extravaganza. It shook with the welcome sound of the electro, dub - step and some of the the hottest remixes of late (Jakwob's remix of Ellie Goulding's new one is a prime example.)
I couldn't believe how packed it was, I was expecting a dark and dusty back room of Scala - not the whole chuffin' place! But sure enough it was busting at the seams with avid players. Disguised as a European Summit, people were turned out in all manor of Europe-esque themes including mime artists, clowns (eh?) and there were a whole lot of beret's.
As the countdown began, the buzz of anticipation filled the vast and now sweaty room. With all eyes fixed on the stage, three 'European Union Officials' appeared to order that all the doors were locked and the windows bolted. Then in a flash they whipped off their costumes and were revealed to be two scantily clad girls and one cheesy presenter - not for a European Union Conference but for a dirty, dark and underground game of Bingo. The crowd went mental.
Huge toy panda bears were won, sexual innuendo's were said and a ridiculous night was had by all.
Ironically Underground Rebel Bingo Club seems to be no longer underground or in fact a secret. But it's concept is exciting, it's story is legendary and it's a shit hot party.

Check this mother out here
But SSSsshhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pete Picked Me Up

Today I sat on the tube on my way back from a trip to the V&A museum for a spot of inspiration. I was listening to my ipod and feeling a little underwhelmed by the sticky and over crowded tube train so I desperately searched for a piece of music to pick me up.

I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world - but music has the ability to completely transform my state of mind, to offer an unparalleled sense of well being and the notion that any thing's possible.

The Libertines track What a Waster came on, and although the title doesn't give way to an image of triumph - the melody and sound of Pete's voice does. If you haven't heard any of The Libertines albums, I recommend putting the public image and scandal aside and giving it a whirl. I'd happily wake up to this song every morning.

When she wakes up in the morning

She writes down all her dreams

Reads like the book of revelations

Or the Beano or the unabridged Ulysses


Here are some photo's courtesy of Rosa (since my camera went walkies) of the tremendous Theophilus London gig in the deepest caverns of Fabric last week. Please note his impeccable taste in shoes. Rock on.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Theophilus and A-Trak @ Fabric

Theophilus London played a short but very sweet gig at Fabric Live on Friday evening, it was a sight to behold and I would show you on this blog if I hadn't had my camera stolen. Either that or I lost it down one of the many nooks and crannies of Fabric. So there's a mix of emotions going on here, blissful satisfaction of a wonderful show, and the sheer empty sadness of losing my battered and beloved camera. Theo had some bizarre shoes on, they were brown flats and were quite possibly women's - but he pulled it off.

A-Trak was on too - he's been Kanye West's DJ and knows how to rock a club. Me and my best friend Rosa got lost in a cavern of big base and heavy drums for a good few hours.

Currently 'Daisy Dares You' is playing on the radio, I don't like it - absolutely no need for it at all.


Friday, 5 February 2010

Shy Child and Shots

Last week my gig radar was a little off colour, I start feeling a bit odd when I haven't watched a live band for a while. So I decided it was time to switch up my game and get the hell out there.

On my quest to find a gig for under a fiver I stumbled on a night at Madame Jojo's (famed for its drag queen clientele) called White Heat. Gracing the stage that night were to be Shy Child. They're another achingly cool band to pop out of Brooklyn, they've had an album out before and have been around a while but they've only just come into my line of vision (I don't know...can't get the staff.) Anyway, they're signed to Wall of Sound and their new album comes out in March.

Their new song 'Disconnected' is a bouncy little cherub of a tune and I thought I'd better go and check them out. So I did, and it was just £5 - what an utter barg.

Apart from there being a peculiarly drab atmosphere with funksters lacking much humour, the band were immense. They played incredibly tight, fun, ecstatic disco and they were having a whale of a time. The girl on the tambourine was the best - properly going for it.

Here's some pics to prove it. You can cop a load of them here too

PS - We then decided to swoop past Cargo where they were playing some delightfully old skool Hip Hop and it sounded wonderful. To celebrate Vanessa bought a few rounds of shots. Not such a good plan on a Tuesday night eh Vaness!