Monday, 22 February 2010

Underground Rebel Bingo Club

No old people, no boring people, no office parties, no wankers....
Those are some of the rules that exist at the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. A place where the young and beautiful come together to play bingo and be wonderfully defiant.

It all began in a church hall basement. A drunken party that got out of hand and ended in secret bingo fuelled chaos. After being rumbled by the church warden they had to up sticks, so the underground operation has moved to secret hideaways all over the place.

This month it was held at Scala in Kings Cross. A bit of a dive if I'm honest, but it successfully housed the teaming masses for this extravaganza. It shook with the welcome sound of the electro, dub - step and some of the the hottest remixes of late (Jakwob's remix of Ellie Goulding's new one is a prime example.)
I couldn't believe how packed it was, I was expecting a dark and dusty back room of Scala - not the whole chuffin' place! But sure enough it was busting at the seams with avid players. Disguised as a European Summit, people were turned out in all manor of Europe-esque themes including mime artists, clowns (eh?) and there were a whole lot of beret's.
As the countdown began, the buzz of anticipation filled the vast and now sweaty room. With all eyes fixed on the stage, three 'European Union Officials' appeared to order that all the doors were locked and the windows bolted. Then in a flash they whipped off their costumes and were revealed to be two scantily clad girls and one cheesy presenter - not for a European Union Conference but for a dirty, dark and underground game of Bingo. The crowd went mental.
Huge toy panda bears were won, sexual innuendo's were said and a ridiculous night was had by all.
Ironically Underground Rebel Bingo Club seems to be no longer underground or in fact a secret. But it's concept is exciting, it's story is legendary and it's a shit hot party.

Check this mother out here
But SSSsshhhhh, don't tell anyone.

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