Friday, 17 December 2010

Not Squares @ Monto Water Rats

I've always been told that Not Squares are stonking on stage. Their album 'Yeah Ok' is a very raw, punky mish mash of haunting yelps and twisted electro, so it'd only do to have a cracking live show to go with it.

When I say raucous, I mean it. And Not Squares were just that - it was loud, intense and invigorating. I caught them before their show and you can hear the interview here...

Babeshadow @ XOYO

Lyle and Scott - creators of all manor of preppy garments are curating a load of nights down at XOYO with some of the most exciting emerging bands around. I rocked along to see Babeshadow, Trophy Wife and the rather unassuming James Yuill the other week.

Babeshadow were first, looking dashing as ever and too fucking cool. They played some new material which I'd been gagging for because I've very much worn out their EP - it's in tatters! Is it time for an album from them?? We'll see.

James Yuill was a pleasant surprise as he boshed out some tingly electro. He's a one man band - and for one guy he made quite a noise.

Here's some blurry pictures for you.

The rather fit Sarah Leanne Palmer and me

James Yuill

Trophy Wife...

...and the ever wonderful Babeshadow. Check them here

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Scarlett's Roses @ a pub in Soho

We love Scarlett's Roses, they make fun and catchy surfy-pop and are ravishingly good looking - I mean seriously fit. They've been on the Filthy Disco before and I'm pleased to say they have a rockin' new song called NYLON and you can listen to it here....

Here's some pics from their gig in Soho, they were tight and sparkly as ever as you can see.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Mark Ronson @ YoYo

Mark Ronson took to the decks for YoYo at Notting Hill Arts Club the other week - his hair is still blonde and his voice is still peculiar. If you haven't been to NHAC before, it feels like your nan's living room that's been taken over by squatters and perhaps had a flood or two. It's dark, dank but rather fun and there are a handful of crevices to nestle into in between bands. However, beware of the door staff, they may bight.