Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The History of Apple Pie @ The Macbeth

Last night The History of Apple Pie tore up The Macbeth in a large way. The lead singer Stephanie Min is incredibly smiley and bouncy on stage, with a mass of blond hair and an interesting choice of footwear (I think she was wearing the same version of Kickers that I wore in Year 10.)

They're from London, there's 5 of them (3 of whom are on guitars) and last night they sounded fuzzy, sweet and punchy and looked like they were having a jolly good time. On support were The Chapter 24 who were amazingly screamy and tight.

I took these pictures on my camera which no longer has a view finder, so I took these blind. That's why they are a bit shoddy, doesn't do them justice at all. So get down to see them asap if you know whats good for you.

Have a gander at them here


Monday, 10 October 2011

Video Games - Lana Del Rey (Jamie Woon Remix)

Lana Del Rey - Video Games - Jamie Woon Remix by woon

If Lana was a mermaid I'm pretty sure this is how she'd sound. Jamie Woon has filtered her through some sort of under water voice machine and it sounds smashing.

Love it a lot.


Shake It Out - Florence & The Machine

I absolutely can't wait to hear her forth coming album 'Ceremonials' - I don't think I've anticipated an album like this in a long time. I had her last album Lungs on constant rotation for about four months! Don't know how she's going to top it.

Here's 'Shake It Out' from the album, lots of crushing lows and dizzy highs in this -and even without her fringe, she's still my favourite forest-goddess.

'Ceremonials' is out 31st October.

FILTHY! xxxxx

Friday, 7 October 2011

NYC Dreaming

I love an Indie band, I really do. I enjoy a jangly guitar, some wobbly vocals and a front man with floppy hair. I've even been known to have been wooed by synth.

However, after a two week dive into the throbbing mess that is New York City I am quite hopelessly back in love with Hip Hop. It has to be said that the voices of Biggie and Jay Z sound so much better whilst watching yellow taxis and the Manhattan skyline.

And even though my heart is with Rock & Roll, you can't beat shocking out to a moody Hip Hop beat in a place where no one is afraid to dance. YES - even the boys dance in New York.

So for now, with my body in London but my mind in NYC you'll find me jumping around my room to this...

Friday, 2 September 2011

Fairytale Lullaby - Bombay Bicycle Club

So today has been a bit of a meepy day, (meepy means mopey, just a bit worse) my wisdom teeth have been giving me some hardcore jip and lets just say I felt out of sorts over my bacon sandwich this morning. That was until I whisked myself off on a bonny bike ride to Victoria Park. Picture the scene; The sun was shining, there was blue sky, people were picnicking surrounded by bunting and pork based products, the wind was in my hair and the most wonderful music drifted into my lug holes. It was the tinkly sound of Fairytale Lullaby by Bombay Bicycle Club.

So if you're feeling a bit drab, and something’s got one over on you - give this a spin and you'll be transported to a thick woodland, teeming with pixies and a large array of flora. Thanks Bombay, thanks very much. You pretty much saved my day.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Filthy Disco #50

It's official, the Filthy Disco has reached it's 50th show. Have a gander down below. There's music from Babeshadow, Lucy Rose, SBTRKT and Caribou. It's a beast though, and may bite xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dimbleby & Capper - Then He Kissed Me

A very divine video from Dimbleby & Capper for her cover of The Crystals 'Then He Kissed Me'

It's powdery and fluffy and just beautiful. Whoever made/chose that dress needs a pat on the back

D&C- Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals cover) from Dimbleby & Capper on Vimeo.


Monday, 13 June 2011

Cat's Eyes - Face in the Crowd

I'm so gutted I missed these when they supported The Kills the other week, I could hear them from the queue for the cash point though and they sounded immense. Here's their video for Face in the Crowd - someone was going MENTAL with the effects on this, stonking.

GRIZZLE xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Plant Plants - She's No One

THIS is just SO good, they're playing at Notting Hill Arts Club on Sat 11th June with Drugg. Really looking forward to seeing what they're like live - sounding ace.

Plant Plants - She's No One by This Is Music


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sarah Thompson's Filthy Disco is on Mixcloud

A tiny tiny post to alert you that my radio show the FILTHY DISCO will be available on Mixcloud as well as the Roundhouse website.

I'm playing all the most exciting Indie, and 'grown - up' Pop music in the world, and it's a thick and luscious jungle of a show. You'll be sure to have a happy adventure.

Feel free to follow me on Mixcloud, and if you've got any music you want to send me hit me up on the twitter


Friday, 6 May 2011

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


On a balmy Easter Sunday I was incredibly hungover, and had done a 5 hour DJ marathon set the night before. Feeling in a hazy daze and after eating a dozen BBQ'd burgers I weighed it up. Do I go to see the Alpines gig at Shoreditch Studios? Or do I give it a miss, go to sleep and wake up in regret? I chose the former, and THANK HEAVENS I did because they were ridiculous.

The singer has this amazing long dark shiny hair and it looks so dramatic teamed with her strong and haunting vocals. They've got some immense songs up their sleeves. It's all kind of electro tinged, arty and dark pop (if you have to put it in a box) but it's dead cool, and euphoric in places. It brings you right down and then seizes you straight back up again, and it was the perfect hangover cure.

They're from South London and there's two of them - Catherine the singer with the amazing hair, and Bob on keyboards. They really are one of my favourite new bands and their originality and raw thudding beastliness is a refreshing sip.

Catherine has got a blog and you can see it here...


Monday, 4 April 2011

Sony Rising Star - I've Been Nominated!

Just a little note to say that I've been nominated up against Ronnie Wood, Robbie Savage and Matt Edmondson for this years Rising Star Award at the Sony DAB Awards!

It's rather a surprise, and I am chuffed to say the least. Thanks to all the bands who've been into the Filthy Disco, and all you grubby listeners out there.

It's a public vote - so I realllly need all the support I can get.

If you're an amazing new band and want to come in to the Filthy Disco, or you just want your track played email me -


PS - Vote for me here!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dimbleby & Capper @ Macbeth

'Let You Go' is a BEAST of a single, and it's the latest one from D&C. It grinds along with sultry vocals and thudding percussion, it's sexy - and one of my favourites this year so far.

Laura was on the Filthy Disco recently and you can listen again whenever you like, she's a corker.

Peek it

Crystal Fighters @ Heaven

Crystal Fighters aren't a new band. They've been loitering around for a while, sporadically dropping musical offerings like a pigeon with a funny tummy. But - they've JUST released their first album 'Star of Love' and if you like surprises, this one's for you. It tinkles along, summoning up fairy gatherings in the woods and dappled shade, and from out of nowhere a beastly dubby bit of bass will catch you right between the eyes.

Their show at Heaven was heaving, sweaty and very magical indeed. Some people aren't fond of the faux Spanish ad libbing inbetween songs (when I told my friend they aren't ACTUALLY Spanish she looked at me in awe) but they win you over by creating rather a party indeed.

With traditional Basque instruments they fuse folk and storytelling with grubby bass lines, and thunderous rave music. It really is quite a delight.

You can hear them this week on Filthy Disco with me, and their latest single 'At Home' is my new addiction.

Have a looky see here...


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

LET YOU GO - Dimbleby & Capper

Here's the fanstastical new video from Dimbleby & Capper, she's rocking some Medusa style hair-do and somehow manages to pull it off.

I'll be chatting to her tomorrow on the Filthy Disco, and playing some grubby new music.

So, get in xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


she is wondrous, such a specimin. Thick voice, beautiful songs. Actual love for her.

Her new album 'Wounded Rhymes' is out now and it's full of heavy drums and moody love.

She played Rough Trade East on Monday, the crowd were rubbish (like actual stone statues) but she was epic.

Evryone @ Hoxton Pony

I hate Hoxton Pony, but Evryone are ACE. They played a few weeks ago and I was blown away by their jerky sound. Like Scissor Sisters on acid and way way WAY cooler.

They're playing tomorrow at The Macbeth.


Not Squares @ KOKO

NOT SQUARES ARE LOUD, they are ridiculously tight and such lovely people. They run on chips and cheese whilst on tour (apparantly its food of the gods) They are from Belfast (if my memory is correct) and seem to have a rather loyal crowd. They played KOKO in Camden last Friday and the place was packed, seriously.

Sounded divine, heavy, made me want to live

These are the worst pictures I've ever taken, sorry chaps


Elephants + Dimbleby & Capper

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen was home to a rumpus last week.

Elephants were a smidge like Beach House, just a girlier version. Really chilled out electro with heavenly vocals.

Dimbleby & Capper were off the chain in a humungous way, all big pink candy floss hair, weird masks, skitzo dancers and thumping bass heavy drums. I loved it, a lot.

Here's some really shit pictures. (blackberry's a really shoddy)

Laura from D+C will be on the Filthy Disco next week, keep your ears peeled




Thursday, 10 February 2011

Satellite - The Kills

The Kills, they are under rated. That is all


Baby, Life's Too Short - Dirty Hands

This band are ROLLICKING. They took me by complete surprise last week at Barfly, I hadn't braced my self for such a voice. Tremendously tight and seriously invigorating are Dirty Hands.

SEE SEE SEE them if you can.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pete and the Epiphany

This blog is mostly about music, because music is the closest thing to magic. But occasionally it also houses my meanderings, wistful thoughts, and of course my adventures.

Today it's for the latter. It's easy to get into habits as a human being, and sometimes they are not for the best. As your life becomes smaller and smaller it can seem like ones options are limited.

This morning, over a delectable brunch at our favourite East End eatery - me and my petal decided. You have to think outside the box you've put yourself in, I am inspired and I am never looking back. I am off to explore, revel with rogues, wink at fairies, do what i feel. Liberation.

On another note, Peter Doherty played a one-off gig at The Macbeth last night. He's lovely. He sang perfectly, strummed impeccably, sweated dutifully and we danced vivaciously.

I'll sever my ties.
Oh I'm so clever,
You're so clever, but you're not very nice.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Vince Kidd @ The Boogaloo

Vince Kidd has the best voice I've heard in a very long time. It is rich, gravelly and realllly powerful. In fact - It's so pleasing to the ear that I could easily give up carbohydrates for a week if it meant I could have his voice for dinner every night. Literally - it's that good.

Last week I went to watch him at The Boogaloo in Archway, and I'm pleased to say his voice is just as thick in real life as it is on record. He's got this amazing American 1950's thing going on - but with a punky twist. Maybe if you mixed Elvis with Sid Vicious (If that were humanly possible) you might get Vince Kidd.

Look at him here!

And you can hear him chatting to me on the Filthy Disco soon!


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Look at his little forlorn eyes, love James Blake. I'm playing it tomorrow on Filthy Disco, have a bite. xx

James Blake - Limit To Your Love from James Blake on Vimeo.


Monday, 10 January 2011

Jai Paul

Really loving this at the moment, Jai Paul. What a corker.

Filthy Disco is BACK this week, keep your ears peeled