Friday, 7 October 2011

NYC Dreaming

I love an Indie band, I really do. I enjoy a jangly guitar, some wobbly vocals and a front man with floppy hair. I've even been known to have been wooed by synth.

However, after a two week dive into the throbbing mess that is New York City I am quite hopelessly back in love with Hip Hop. It has to be said that the voices of Biggie and Jay Z sound so much better whilst watching yellow taxis and the Manhattan skyline.

And even though my heart is with Rock & Roll, you can't beat shocking out to a moody Hip Hop beat in a place where no one is afraid to dance. YES - even the boys dance in New York.

So for now, with my body in London but my mind in NYC you'll find me jumping around my room to this...

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