Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The History of Apple Pie @ The Macbeth

Last night The History of Apple Pie tore up The Macbeth in a large way. The lead singer Stephanie Min is incredibly smiley and bouncy on stage, with a mass of blond hair and an interesting choice of footwear (I think she was wearing the same version of Kickers that I wore in Year 10.)

They're from London, there's 5 of them (3 of whom are on guitars) and last night they sounded fuzzy, sweet and punchy and looked like they were having a jolly good time. On support were The Chapter 24 who were amazingly screamy and tight.

I took these pictures on my camera which no longer has a view finder, so I took these blind. That's why they are a bit shoddy, doesn't do them justice at all. So get down to see them asap if you know whats good for you.

Have a gander at them here


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