Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The History of Apple Pie @ The Macbeth

Last night The History of Apple Pie tore up The Macbeth in a large way. The lead singer Stephanie Min is incredibly smiley and bouncy on stage, with a mass of blond hair and an interesting choice of footwear (I think she was wearing the same version of Kickers that I wore in Year 10.)

They're from London, there's 5 of them (3 of whom are on guitars) and last night they sounded fuzzy, sweet and punchy and looked like they were having a jolly good time. On support were The Chapter 24 who were amazingly screamy and tight.

I took these pictures on my camera which no longer has a view finder, so I took these blind. That's why they are a bit shoddy, doesn't do them justice at all. So get down to see them asap if you know whats good for you.

Have a gander at them here


Monday, 10 October 2011

Video Games - Lana Del Rey (Jamie Woon Remix)

Lana Del Rey - Video Games - Jamie Woon Remix by woon

If Lana was a mermaid I'm pretty sure this is how she'd sound. Jamie Woon has filtered her through some sort of under water voice machine and it sounds smashing.

Love it a lot.


Shake It Out - Florence & The Machine

I absolutely can't wait to hear her forth coming album 'Ceremonials' - I don't think I've anticipated an album like this in a long time. I had her last album Lungs on constant rotation for about four months! Don't know how she's going to top it.

Here's 'Shake It Out' from the album, lots of crushing lows and dizzy highs in this -and even without her fringe, she's still my favourite forest-goddess.

'Ceremonials' is out 31st October.

FILTHY! xxxxx

Friday, 7 October 2011

NYC Dreaming

I love an Indie band, I really do. I enjoy a jangly guitar, some wobbly vocals and a front man with floppy hair. I've even been known to have been wooed by synth.

However, after a two week dive into the throbbing mess that is New York City I am quite hopelessly back in love with Hip Hop. It has to be said that the voices of Biggie and Jay Z sound so much better whilst watching yellow taxis and the Manhattan skyline.

And even though my heart is with Rock & Roll, you can't beat shocking out to a moody Hip Hop beat in a place where no one is afraid to dance. YES - even the boys dance in New York.

So for now, with my body in London but my mind in NYC you'll find me jumping around my room to this...