Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Penguin Prison

Here's Penguin Prison, with a lovely hairdo. Looks a bit like what my guinea pig's baby looked like on its first day alive. Love it though, and love the top too.

I'm playing Penguin Prison on the show today, his debut single 'Animal Animal' came out yesterday. It sounds even better than his haircut looks!

www.xstreameast.co.uk 6-7pm The Get Up with Sarah Thompson

Friday, 20 November 2009

Dragonette @ YoYo - Notting Hill

Every Thursday a wonderfully eclectic party takes place at the Notting Hill Arts Club called YoYo. It's run by DJ whizz kids Seb Chew and Leo Greenslade.

The wonderful thing about this particular party is that each week is very different. Sometimes full of Hip Hoppers, other times Indie Kids and there's always a different vibe. There have been occasions when I've enjoyed it immensely and other times not so much - you just don't know what you're going to get!

Last night though must be one of my favourite editions. I went to review the Canadian band Dragonette for my radio show. I'm ashamed to admit that I hadn't heard of Dragonette before this - even though they released an album in 2007 on Mercury Records. (I must have been under a rock or in the jungle for this!)

Anyway, I found the lead singer Martina Sorbara captivating. She has this quirky confidence on stage and her voice has a sort of Karen O/Uffie quality (not that I'm comparing her to them of course.) I loved her hair too, and she was wearing these great high waist jeans. My favourite songs were Pick Up The Phone and Fixin' A Thrill which is the title of their latest album.
I love finding bands like this, makes you remember why you love music.

There was also a very peculiar severed arm hanging from the ceiling. Must have been left over from Halloween. Hope so anyway, or that's just wrong.

After the show Seb Chew and his crew cracked out some filthy music, lots of Dubby Bassy stuff and me and my good friend Sarah Palmer couldn't contain ourselves. As you can tell by these pictures.

Beautiful Sarah Palmer

My Monster Hands impression = Good Music

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Cactus Deceived Me

Yesterday I found out that my beloved cacti has been lying to me. I am well aware that this specimin is pretty bad taste (i believe cacti went out with spider plants and tape players) but this is the whole point. To own something hilariously ugly so people can smile everytime they use my bathroom.

Anyway, my flatmate noticed a drop of glue on one of its spikes and it lead her to question the integrity of this inhospitable plant. With further inspection it turns out that these pink flowers are from a cheap packet of pot pourri and not formed by the plant. I believe Pot Pourri is also a no no when it comes to one's home decor. I feel saddened by this revelation.

Here's a picture of our family of ducks too. Equally bad taste, but funny. Quack.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Babyshambles @ Proud, Camden

Two Thursdays ago I pondered over to one of my favourite venues in Camden called Proud. It was for a Babyshambles gig, whom I love.
After all of the very public incidents involving Pete Doherty and drugs, the stories of his unreliability and interviews with his shy and softly spoken mutterings I really wasn't expecting a strong performance. I thought perhaps they might not show up or be really late.

The reality was on the contrary. They were pretty much on time, the band was tight and Pete's voice wonderfully strong. The crowd were a cool and sweaty bunch, pushing and shoving to the glorious sound of 'Killamangiro.' I still have the bruises from a very large person trampling my leg.

I bit through the pain though, and the show confirmed my love for Babyshambles. They really are just brilliant. Long live the Shambles.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sarah Palmer Interview

Listen up! Listen up! Tonight on my radio show you can hear me chatting to Sarah Palmer. I've blogged about her before so you might be familiar with her. She's rocky, her lyrics are straight to the point and her voice is phenomenal.

You can hear the interview on The Get Up on http://www.xstreameast.co.uk/ from 6pm.

She's doing some gigs so you can see her for yourself, just check below for dates and information.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I think you'll agree that this book is one of the greatest childrens books ever. Its just wonderful. A magical tale about a naughty little boy called Max who gets sent to his room and travels to a distant land in his imagination and finds these amazing wild beasts. Just great.
My Mum and Dad brought me up on this book (that and tuna and rice) and being a cheeky little beast myself as a child, I identified with the monsters in the book. The best phrase was also born here 'Let The Wild Rumpus Start' Isn't Rumpus a great word??
It's been made into a film - which is mildly sad because you can't escape or match the magic found in the book but I'm still looking forward to see what it's like. It's out this Winter, I think November.
Just look at this Wild Thing and his spikey toes! Ace.
Love Sarah xx

Annie Mac Presents... @ Koko

Massive musical madness, there was a tonne of dubstep going down here and people kicked up a storm. Skream, Benga, Fake Blood, Annie, just amaaaaze.
Love Sarah xx

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sarah Palmer @ The Legion

It was the first night of her residency at this cosy little spot on Old Street. It's been a bit of a fave for me recently what with Ou Est Le Swimming Pool performing there last week for there single launch.

Sarah, dressed in tight black clobber and with long dark red hair makes a massive impact before she opens her mouth, but when she does it's quite hard to fathom where that huge voice comes from. Such a belting voice at that!
'Be Somebody Else' is a firm favourite of mine, its honest and straight-to-the-point lyrics always striking a chord with me, "But you can't get there unless you fucked the boss babe." Brilliant!
She rocked out to the core and she'll be there every first Thursday of the month, can't wait till the next one.
Have a gander here http://www.myspace.com/sarahleannepalmerband and keep an eye on this one!
Love Sarah xx

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool @ The Legion

I'm aware that there aren't many pictures of Ou Est here, largely because it was so flippin' packed to the sweaty rafters by the time they came on that I couldn't get close enough. So thought you might like these pics of the magnificent and very stompy Mpho who kicked the gig off to a spiffing start.
It was of course the Single Launch for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool at The Legion on Old Street, London. They are a crackin' band, lots of energy and synth's going on. Also a lovely moustache sported by the small one. Great stuff!
Love Sarah xx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bestival 2009

Bestival 2009 was a heady, magical and awe - inspiring event on the slightly odd island that is the Isle Of White. 30,000 people descended on a musical pilgrimage to bask in the presence of Florence & The Machine, Erol Alken, Annie Mac, Lily Allen, Fake Blood, Little Boots, Passion Pit, Friendly Fires and the massive MGMT.

The best performances by far were Florence, Lily and Mercury Music Prize clutching Speech Debelle.
I'm going to let the pictures tell you the rest.

Love Sarah xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Kill 'Em All @ Fabric

Here's some piccys from last Friday's epic night at Fabric courtesy of the nice young chaps from the Filthy Dukes. Who are getting ridic airplay on Radio 1 at the mo with Tupac Robot Club Rock. Probably because it's SICK! In a good way.

Bloomin' rockin it was. Listen to the full review tonight live on The Get Up 6-7pm on www.xstreameast.co.uk

Love Sarah T xxx