Monday, 16 November 2009

Babyshambles @ Proud, Camden

Two Thursdays ago I pondered over to one of my favourite venues in Camden called Proud. It was for a Babyshambles gig, whom I love.
After all of the very public incidents involving Pete Doherty and drugs, the stories of his unreliability and interviews with his shy and softly spoken mutterings I really wasn't expecting a strong performance. I thought perhaps they might not show up or be really late.

The reality was on the contrary. They were pretty much on time, the band was tight and Pete's voice wonderfully strong. The crowd were a cool and sweaty bunch, pushing and shoving to the glorious sound of 'Killamangiro.' I still have the bruises from a very large person trampling my leg.

I bit through the pain though, and the show confirmed my love for Babyshambles. They really are just brilliant. Long live the Shambles.

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