Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Cactus Deceived Me

Yesterday I found out that my beloved cacti has been lying to me. I am well aware that this specimin is pretty bad taste (i believe cacti went out with spider plants and tape players) but this is the whole point. To own something hilariously ugly so people can smile everytime they use my bathroom.

Anyway, my flatmate noticed a drop of glue on one of its spikes and it lead her to question the integrity of this inhospitable plant. With further inspection it turns out that these pink flowers are from a cheap packet of pot pourri and not formed by the plant. I believe Pot Pourri is also a no no when it comes to one's home decor. I feel saddened by this revelation.

Here's a picture of our family of ducks too. Equally bad taste, but funny. Quack.

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