Wednesday, 27 May 2009

East Graffitti and Rusko

I'm listening to Rusko after watching his amazing live set at Stag and Dagger festival, I love him. The remix of Sing What You Want is very merry indeed as well as his remix of Cold Shoulder by Adele. I love finding new DJ's that I like, heard Annie Mac talking about him loads so it's good to get involved - always refreshing!
I've been looking for interesting bits and bobs whilst on my travels around East London and look what I found......

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

You Can Call Me Al

Tonight It's my second time presenting The Get Up on, every week we have a MAGIC GEM which is a vintage track that deserves a good dusting off. As I've been doing some research for this feature I've stumbled upon a really funny video, check this out - it's bound to make you chuckle!

It's Paul Simon getting his groove on for the video for You Can Call Me Al, hilar!

Big Love x x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Have You Seen Os?

Earlier I was tootling around my patch in Bethnal Green for some fresh air and in search of inspiration. There are many things pleasing to the soul around these ends, including the numerous second hand (or popularly known as vintage) clothes shops, the smell of people's exotic lunches, the eclectic range of bicycles chained to most railings, and the increasing number of interesting moustaches sported by men between the age of 25-35.

On my travels I took a detour through the park because it's always good to reconnect with greenery. I took a mysterious path into a corner of the park that looked like a nature reserve and stumbled upon a tree displaying this poster.
It pulled at my heart strings a bit, I really hope they find Os.
I have to add here that I am immensely excited about The Stag and Dagger festival in Shoreditch tomorrow. Particularly for Jack Penate and Filthy Dukes. Expect a big phat blog about it soon, Get in my Belly!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Serene Sunday

I've made a bit of a decision, from now on I'm going to avoid working on Sundays. In my opinion it's the best day for seeing stuff, being in the fresh air, meeting new people and de-stressing. There was a time when I worked all weekend as well as the week, and I pretty much lost my soul because of it.
Last Sunday was a beaming sunny day, so I meandered down to Brick Lane with the plan of going straight to Hampstead Heath, but as I reached Brick Lane I got swept away in a sea of wonderful people and smells and colours and I couldn't leave! So I spent the whole day chatting and browsing around there. It felt so good to see people being happy and relaxing.
On my way to Old Street tube I walked past a house playing Paul Simon full blast with four people dancing in the window - I want to live in that house, they are cool.

It was then on to Hampstead Heath to reconnect with nature with my , and finally the Loch Tavern for some BBQ'd halloumi and their awesome night of indie-mashed-up-fun.
What a cracking Sunday, Sundays are mine again from now on.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

First Blog and Hackney

This is my first blog on blogspot. Here I'll be sharing my wierd and wonderful adventures. No-one likes a dull moment - so join me on my quest to fill life with fun, food and good music.

Farms are generally found in places like Shropshire, Lincolnshire and in fact - most places ending in Shire. But in a little corner of Hackney, East London it would seem that farms can exist lovingly between housing estates and main roads amongst the smoggy smog of London air.
I went to Hackney City Farm expecting a few goats and chickens. But they have a lovely paddock full of sheep, ducks, poo, geese, goats, chickens, guinea pigs, chinchillas and the PHATTEST pigs I have ever seen. Literally bigger than the average sized person, and fatter. I reckon it was probably about 18 stone. When I was there I forgot I was in East London, and was whisked away to pastures new filled with smiley people thankful for a bit of fresh farm air and the chance to see a happy pig in the East-End.

Afterwards, I was seduced by the cafe which sells a grand array of meaty treats including bacon butties and full-on roast dinners. Get In My Belly, is definitely the phrase here.

PS - I am aware that I look like a bit of a geek in this pic. It's not easy to do 'cool' at a farm.