Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Have You Seen Os?

Earlier I was tootling around my patch in Bethnal Green for some fresh air and in search of inspiration. There are many things pleasing to the soul around these ends, including the numerous second hand (or popularly known as vintage) clothes shops, the smell of people's exotic lunches, the eclectic range of bicycles chained to most railings, and the increasing number of interesting moustaches sported by men between the age of 25-35.

On my travels I took a detour through the park because it's always good to reconnect with greenery. I took a mysterious path into a corner of the park that looked like a nature reserve and stumbled upon a tree displaying this poster.
It pulled at my heart strings a bit, I really hope they find Os.
I have to add here that I am immensely excited about The Stag and Dagger festival in Shoreditch tomorrow. Particularly for Jack Penate and Filthy Dukes. Expect a big phat blog about it soon, Get in my Belly!

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