Thursday, 7 May 2009

First Blog and Hackney

This is my first blog on blogspot. Here I'll be sharing my wierd and wonderful adventures. No-one likes a dull moment - so join me on my quest to fill life with fun, food and good music.

Farms are generally found in places like Shropshire, Lincolnshire and in fact - most places ending in Shire. But in a little corner of Hackney, East London it would seem that farms can exist lovingly between housing estates and main roads amongst the smoggy smog of London air.
I went to Hackney City Farm expecting a few goats and chickens. But they have a lovely paddock full of sheep, ducks, poo, geese, goats, chickens, guinea pigs, chinchillas and the PHATTEST pigs I have ever seen. Literally bigger than the average sized person, and fatter. I reckon it was probably about 18 stone. When I was there I forgot I was in East London, and was whisked away to pastures new filled with smiley people thankful for a bit of fresh farm air and the chance to see a happy pig in the East-End.

Afterwards, I was seduced by the cafe which sells a grand array of meaty treats including bacon butties and full-on roast dinners. Get In My Belly, is definitely the phrase here.

PS - I am aware that I look like a bit of a geek in this pic. It's not easy to do 'cool' at a farm.

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