Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Serene Sunday

I've made a bit of a decision, from now on I'm going to avoid working on Sundays. In my opinion it's the best day for seeing stuff, being in the fresh air, meeting new people and de-stressing. There was a time when I worked all weekend as well as the week, and I pretty much lost my soul because of it.
Last Sunday was a beaming sunny day, so I meandered down to Brick Lane with the plan of going straight to Hampstead Heath, but as I reached Brick Lane I got swept away in a sea of wonderful people and smells and colours and I couldn't leave! So I spent the whole day chatting and browsing around there. It felt so good to see people being happy and relaxing.
On my way to Old Street tube I walked past a house playing Paul Simon full blast with four people dancing in the window - I want to live in that house, they are cool.

It was then on to Hampstead Heath to reconnect with nature with my , and finally the Loch Tavern for some BBQ'd halloumi and their awesome night of indie-mashed-up-fun.
What a cracking Sunday, Sundays are mine again from now on.

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