Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool @ The Legion

I'm aware that there aren't many pictures of Ou Est here, largely because it was so flippin' packed to the sweaty rafters by the time they came on that I couldn't get close enough. So thought you might like these pics of the magnificent and very stompy Mpho who kicked the gig off to a spiffing start.
It was of course the Single Launch for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool at The Legion on Old Street, London. They are a crackin' band, lots of energy and synth's going on. Also a lovely moustache sported by the small one. Great stuff!
Love Sarah xx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bestival 2009

Bestival 2009 was a heady, magical and awe - inspiring event on the slightly odd island that is the Isle Of White. 30,000 people descended on a musical pilgrimage to bask in the presence of Florence & The Machine, Erol Alken, Annie Mac, Lily Allen, Fake Blood, Little Boots, Passion Pit, Friendly Fires and the massive MGMT.

The best performances by far were Florence, Lily and Mercury Music Prize clutching Speech Debelle.
I'm going to let the pictures tell you the rest.

Love Sarah xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Kill 'Em All @ Fabric

Here's some piccys from last Friday's epic night at Fabric courtesy of the nice young chaps from the Filthy Dukes. Who are getting ridic airplay on Radio 1 at the mo with Tupac Robot Club Rock. Probably because it's SICK! In a good way.

Bloomin' rockin it was. Listen to the full review tonight live on The Get Up 6-7pm on www.xstreameast.co.uk

Love Sarah T xxx

Mercury Music Prize

OOoohhh who's it gonna be?? The Mercurys are always exciting but this year it seems even more nail biting.

I think it's because over the past year my ears have been glued to the musical utterings of Florence, Speech Debelle, Bat For Lashes and Friendly Fires. And tonight they're all going head to head.

I just wish I could be there, I HATE missing out on things like this!! I don't even have a TV so looks like I'll be tuning in to the trusty wireless to hear the performances.

Anyway - I'm just putting this photo out there. Think it'd be wonderful if she was clutching the prize at the end of the night. Have championed 'The Key' on The Get Up a few times, and think she's a lovely addition to our quality music scene at the mo. Go speechy!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Friendly Fires Grandad Dance!

As promised on the last show - check this vid out - the most hilarious Grandad dancing in the world courtesy of Ed.


Carnival and Jay Z...again!

If you hadn't noticed, last weekend was August Bank Holiday and therefore the return of The Notting Hill Carnival. An immensely popular festival of delicious Caribbean food and music in amongst some of the nicest streets in our dirty old town.

Last time I was glued to the Rampage sound system with its heavy bass lines and most lively crowd. But this time I thought I'd chill out a bit and venture to pastures new. So we dabbled in various different dancing groups and hit the Jerk chicken BIG time. I was given a particularly juicy leg by the nice man with the toothy grin.
It was a fleeting visit, but in the usual fashion I got massively lost and crushed on my way out to find the tube station. During this weekend I also broke my bed from jumping on it, and my Guinea Pig Bert had babies.

Here's some pics to prove it.
I also HAVE to mention my new fangled love for Jay Z's newly leaked song Empire Of State with Alicia Keys. It is most pleasing to the ear and good to hear Alicia again. Jay's album is officially out Sep 11th, and I can't bloomin wait. What a beast!

Love Sarah T xxx