Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Mercury Music Prize

OOoohhh who's it gonna be?? The Mercurys are always exciting but this year it seems even more nail biting.

I think it's because over the past year my ears have been glued to the musical utterings of Florence, Speech Debelle, Bat For Lashes and Friendly Fires. And tonight they're all going head to head.

I just wish I could be there, I HATE missing out on things like this!! I don't even have a TV so looks like I'll be tuning in to the trusty wireless to hear the performances.

Anyway - I'm just putting this photo out there. Think it'd be wonderful if she was clutching the prize at the end of the night. Have championed 'The Key' on The Get Up a few times, and think she's a lovely addition to our quality music scene at the mo. Go speechy!!

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