Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I think you'll agree that this book is one of the greatest childrens books ever. Its just wonderful. A magical tale about a naughty little boy called Max who gets sent to his room and travels to a distant land in his imagination and finds these amazing wild beasts. Just great.
My Mum and Dad brought me up on this book (that and tuna and rice) and being a cheeky little beast myself as a child, I identified with the monsters in the book. The best phrase was also born here 'Let The Wild Rumpus Start' Isn't Rumpus a great word??
It's been made into a film - which is mildly sad because you can't escape or match the magic found in the book but I'm still looking forward to see what it's like. It's out this Winter, I think November.
Just look at this Wild Thing and his spikey toes! Ace.
Love Sarah xx

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