Wednesday, 27 April 2011


On a balmy Easter Sunday I was incredibly hungover, and had done a 5 hour DJ marathon set the night before. Feeling in a hazy daze and after eating a dozen BBQ'd burgers I weighed it up. Do I go to see the Alpines gig at Shoreditch Studios? Or do I give it a miss, go to sleep and wake up in regret? I chose the former, and THANK HEAVENS I did because they were ridiculous.

The singer has this amazing long dark shiny hair and it looks so dramatic teamed with her strong and haunting vocals. They've got some immense songs up their sleeves. It's all kind of electro tinged, arty and dark pop (if you have to put it in a box) but it's dead cool, and euphoric in places. It brings you right down and then seizes you straight back up again, and it was the perfect hangover cure.

They're from South London and there's two of them - Catherine the singer with the amazing hair, and Bob on keyboards. They really are one of my favourite new bands and their originality and raw thudding beastliness is a refreshing sip.

Catherine has got a blog and you can see it here...


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