Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Crystal Fighters @ Heaven

Crystal Fighters aren't a new band. They've been loitering around for a while, sporadically dropping musical offerings like a pigeon with a funny tummy. But - they've JUST released their first album 'Star of Love' and if you like surprises, this one's for you. It tinkles along, summoning up fairy gatherings in the woods and dappled shade, and from out of nowhere a beastly dubby bit of bass will catch you right between the eyes.

Their show at Heaven was heaving, sweaty and very magical indeed. Some people aren't fond of the faux Spanish ad libbing inbetween songs (when I told my friend they aren't ACTUALLY Spanish she looked at me in awe) but they win you over by creating rather a party indeed.

With traditional Basque instruments they fuse folk and storytelling with grubby bass lines, and thunderous rave music. It really is quite a delight.

You can hear them this week on Filthy Disco with me, and their latest single 'At Home' is my new addiction.

Have a looky see here... http://crystalfighters.com/


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