Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pete and the Epiphany

This blog is mostly about music, because music is the closest thing to magic. But occasionally it also houses my meanderings, wistful thoughts, and of course my adventures.

Today it's for the latter. It's easy to get into habits as a human being, and sometimes they are not for the best. As your life becomes smaller and smaller it can seem like ones options are limited.

This morning, over a delectable brunch at our favourite East End eatery - me and my petal decided. You have to think outside the box you've put yourself in, I am inspired and I am never looking back. I am off to explore, revel with rogues, wink at fairies, do what i feel. Liberation.

On another note, Peter Doherty played a one-off gig at The Macbeth last night. He's lovely. He sang perfectly, strummed impeccably, sweated dutifully and we danced vivaciously.

I'll sever my ties.
Oh I'm so clever,
You're so clever, but you're not very nice.

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