Friday, 5 February 2010

Shy Child and Shots

Last week my gig radar was a little off colour, I start feeling a bit odd when I haven't watched a live band for a while. So I decided it was time to switch up my game and get the hell out there.

On my quest to find a gig for under a fiver I stumbled on a night at Madame Jojo's (famed for its drag queen clientele) called White Heat. Gracing the stage that night were to be Shy Child. They're another achingly cool band to pop out of Brooklyn, they've had an album out before and have been around a while but they've only just come into my line of vision (I don't know...can't get the staff.) Anyway, they're signed to Wall of Sound and their new album comes out in March.

Their new song 'Disconnected' is a bouncy little cherub of a tune and I thought I'd better go and check them out. So I did, and it was just £5 - what an utter barg.

Apart from there being a peculiarly drab atmosphere with funksters lacking much humour, the band were immense. They played incredibly tight, fun, ecstatic disco and they were having a whale of a time. The girl on the tambourine was the best - properly going for it.

Here's some pics to prove it. You can cop a load of them here too

PS - We then decided to swoop past Cargo where they were playing some delightfully old skool Hip Hop and it sounded wonderful. To celebrate Vanessa bought a few rounds of shots. Not such a good plan on a Tuesday night eh Vaness!

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