Monday, 1 March 2010

Sarah Leanne Palmer + Death Disco

I've spoken to her before on The Get Up and played some of her music - Sarah Leanne Palmer played at Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross last Wednesday. Her performances keep getting bigger and better, and so do the crowds. She'll be playing Smash and Grab soon as well as Death Disco. Speaking of Death Disco.......

I went for the first time last week! Every Wednesday evening at the Arts Club in the heady heights of Notting Hill, a disco goes by the name of Death. Contrary to its title, its not deadly or sinister at all. Rather a happy bunch congregate to lap up all things indie and fun. We got there just as the live bands were finishing, but were welcomed into the basement by the joyful sound of Ellie Goulding, Yeasayer and even a dash of Jay Z - spun lovingly by the friendly creature behind the decks. It was free too - which is always a bonus.

I'm off to see these fellas below on Tuesday so stay tuned for more tit bits!

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