Friday, 12 March 2010

French Horn Rebellion @ Barfly

Last week two brothers from Milwaukee landed on the Camden Barfly stage to lead a musical voyage. Armed with a French Horn, some Apple Macs, a couple of keyboards and a drummer they romped through a tight and punchy set of weird and wonderful electro and closed with Beaches and friends which is the most exciting track I've heard since Filthy Dukes brought out Tupac Robot.
Since their EP dropped they've had Nick Grimshaw and friends at Radio 1 foaming at the mouth (in a good way.) Now based in Brooklyn they're causing a real stir and NME, 6 Music and The Guardian to name a few are all talking about them. It was a unique experience to watch them writhe about on stage full of energy, David scaled the speakers and there was even a shoot out involving the drummer and a toy gun.
They've just finished their mini European tour and an album is set for release this year. From where I'm standing it looks like these guys are going to give music land a much needed adventure.

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  1. Love your blog Sarah :)

    Looking forward to reading more!