Friday, 2 September 2011

Fairytale Lullaby - Bombay Bicycle Club

So today has been a bit of a meepy day, (meepy means mopey, just a bit worse) my wisdom teeth have been giving me some hardcore jip and lets just say I felt out of sorts over my bacon sandwich this morning. That was until I whisked myself off on a bonny bike ride to Victoria Park. Picture the scene; The sun was shining, there was blue sky, people were picnicking surrounded by bunting and pork based products, the wind was in my hair and the most wonderful music drifted into my lug holes. It was the tinkly sound of Fairytale Lullaby by Bombay Bicycle Club.

So if you're feeling a bit drab, and something’s got one over on you - give this a spin and you'll be transported to a thick woodland, teeming with pixies and a large array of flora. Thanks Bombay, thanks very much. You pretty much saved my day.