Monday, 3 August 2009

Field Day and Forgotten Camera

Last Saturday was Field Day, an awesome happening in Victoria Park, East London. Was a bit of a cracker. A WHOLE host of undeniably cool people including little boots, the xx, rusko, drums of death, mystery jets, and santigold. yes that was SANTIGOLD. Amaze!!

It was cool, very cool. rained. lots and lots. There was mud and grumpiness, but also a lot of togetherness due to the soggyness underfoot. I queued for a burger in the rain - yes, that's how much i love burgers, i even missed erol alkan for it (that's dedication to beef for you.)

Forgotton Camera, no it's not a new band. I have actually forgotten my camera. I left it at home home in the shire of shrop. That's why there haven't been many photo's up recently (apart from a really shit one of jay z) It's because I used it at my mum's party and left it on the book case. stupid book case!! typical. Will get it asap and i'll put some beauties up here soon as poss.

cool beans, grande love. xxx

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