Friday, 9 April 2010

Summer Camp @ the Lexington

Mystery is seductive. Summer Camp know this, and so did the masses of revellers at The Lexington last balmy night. For months they’ve had us gagging to see who they are, where they come from and what they look like. All we’ve had are their sublime offerings of surfer jingly pop with those brilliant film extracts at the beginning.

The secrecy apparently started as an accident, they thought they’d keep it up until we all got bored. We didn’t get bored but at some point they’d have to start doing official gigs – and last night was their first.

So now that all is revealed, here are the facts...

They are: Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey from London

She has: Brown hair, a fringe, really cool taste in dresses (a black number with little gold balls all over it) a cracking, clear and powerful soothing voice with a hint of Debbie Harry to it.

He: Could have been any number of about four men on the stage – but if it’s the one I’m thinking of he had square glasses and good hair.

They are not: Swedish 7 year olds or from Chicago

They have: A rather catchy song out called Ghost Train, and a Myspace here:

Babeshadow played on support too - what an utter bonus! Lead singer Tom (the one with the hair) pulled another tremendous jacket out the bag for this show. This time it was silver, and quite possibly plastic. I've fallen in love with their song Sea Serpents. I think these chaps are set to do big things, with a voice as special as this and quirky little hooks as good as these the possibilities are endless.

You can catch them on tour with Florence + The Machine soon

As always, Keep it FILTHY xx

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