Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Filthy Dukes @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Wooop! I've just returned from a massively epic gig - Filthy Dukes. They were on fire!

The dark little back room at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen was rammed to the brim with hundreds of people clapping along to the dramatic beats under the numerous strobe lights. The three of them looked really intense and powerful up there and were fully into it - like they were under some kind of magical electro-rock-fuelled spell.
When they played Tupac Robot Club Rock it was unbelievable and they made sure they made sure they mixed it up a bit for their live show.

Flippin' crackin' it was. That's why I love music.

PS - My computer is RIDIC slow tonight, trying to upload these pictures of Filthy Dukes. I feel like throwing it merrily out of the window.

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