Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Park Life and T Bar

Last Saturday was a ridiculously hot day - sun filled every corner of everyones day and London was a hot and sticky mess. I did manage however to find some refuge with my friends in the park. This wasn't any old park, it was London Fields park next to Broadway Market (not a million miles / metres away from my new boudoir in Bethnal Grizzle.)

As I walked into the park I was greeted by the jolly sight of what could only be described as a swarming mass of people enjoying BBQ's with loved ones, dancing carelessly, and generally having a whale of a time. I couldn't believe my eyes - it was like a field in the midst of a festival, I was pleased to learn that BBQ's are allowed and it's open 24 hours (lord knows what goes in in there after midnight!)

So we spent the evening eating and drinking under the sun surrounded by the merriment. Then we headed over the newly relocated T Bar, it's at Dukes Place, Aldgate (If I remember rightly - don't bank on it!) I miss the old T Bar, somehow the magic wasn't there in the new venue. But the music was still pumping, I suppose that's all that matters.

I forgot my camera - shoddy I know, I'll make up for it in my next blog. Friday is Fabric Live - stay tuned!! x x

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